We have been dedicated to providing excellent services for commercial outdoor spaces for over 28 years. Learn more about our story and how we stood the test of time over the years.

Humble Beginnings

Winter Green II was founded by George Pavlik. George has grown up in the landscaping business. When he was in middle school, he would help out at his dad’s company, Winter Green. He enjoyed the hard work and the satisfaction of making people’s properties look beautiful.

While in high school, George decided to start his own landscape company, which he called Winter Green II. He incorporated the business in 1995 and set out to provide the same great customer service and high-quality work that his dad’s company was known for.

The early days of Winter Green II were challenging. George and his few crew members worked long hours and did everything they could to make the business a success. He was determined to keep going, even when things were tough. He enjoyed the work and the relationships he was building with his clients, and he knew that if he kept at it, things would eventually start to pick up.

And pick up they did. As word of mouth spread, he started to gain more and more clients. He began by working with residential properties but eventually started taking on commercial clients as well. He worked hard to build relationships with his clients and to provide great service, and as a result, his business started to grow.

There were many milestones along the way. One major milestone was when Winter Green II began working with management companies. This allowed the business to grow even more, and to take on larger, more complex projects. Through it all, George’s dedication and hard work paid off. Winter Green II has stood the test of time and is now a well-respected and successful company. George attributes this to the high-quality work his team performs and the excellent customer service we provide to this very day.